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Each painting is a story, a parable or a moment captured in time. The subject matter or viewpoint ranges from quiet & deep to loud & crazy. For some reason, sex, violence & death seem to pervade most pictures. As well as a bit of dark humor. Vibrant color, movement and the expression of each character are crucial to each piece.

Interactive Art:

Mikey’s Hug Deli was originally created for Burning Man for participants wanting to embrace the joy of exchanging compliments for hugs. Since 2005, Mikey’s Hug Deli has reached audiences across the world and a frequent establishment along the boardwalk south of the Santa Monica pier, and most notably between Esplanade and the Man along 9 o’clock.

M.R. Stubbs (aka Mikey)
The Bunker
651 Clover St.
Los Angeles CA 90031
instagram: mrstubbsart
facebook: M R Stubbs Art